Eductional Fun for Kids
Educational Mobile Apps for Children

Educational Fun for Kids

There are many kid-friendly, educational apps available to help kids learn in a variety of ways. We are dedicated to the creation of interactive apps and games that will provide fun ways for your children to learn.

Story books and entertaining education games have the potential to help kids learn skills such as reading, speaking, counting and identifying shapes or even animals so they can be better prepared for school.

"Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow."
-Anthony J. D'Angelo


Explore the endless possibilities that fairytales and other stories have to offer when you install these educational apps for your kids. Designed for students from Grade K to Grade 6, each level is specially designed to push them so that their reading can improve over time. Watch and be amazed as they read along with the stories, relate to characters and learn new words every day. Whether it is an adventure to rescue a princess in trouble or any other story, they will enjoy the experience, be entertained and learn to speak or pronounce new words.

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It is easy for kids for remember words but it is also important they learn to spell too. These apps are geared towards helping them remember words and filling in the missing letters to create words. Soon your child will be spelling words with ease because the app is designed to make it a fun learning process for them. Your kids will always enjoy the challenge of spelling longer more difficult words as the levels increase.

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Help your child to count and do math with these fun and interesting learning apps. Watch them grow and move from 123 to adding and subtracting as they grow older. During road trips you can simply run the app on your tablet or smart-phone and keep them busy. Help them count the cars that are passing by and the trees rustling in the wind. Simple calculations are available to help them learn math on a whole in such a way that they won’t feel overwhelmed. They can learn at their own pace and enjoy the colorful shapes so the whole learning process will be a fun experience.

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Children can learn and play with our educational apps on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon or Nook. Learn more…

Benefits of Education Apps

  • Give your kids a head start when it comes to learning math, spelling and reading
  • Educational helps improve memory
  • Parents can participate in the fun and spend time with their kids
  • Disguising a lesson as a game makes learning interesting and fun
  • Sounds, music and graphics ensures your kids won’t slip into boredom
  • Children learn at a faster pace when information is conveyed in an interesting way

Explore the endless possibilities