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Monthly archive for June 2014

Chin Chin Goes to First Grade!

Pre School was cool and Kindergarten was too and now that I’m getting more grown up, I’m going to first grade. The last two years was a lot of fun learning lots of new things. All summer long I was waiting for this day and now its

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Chin Chin’s Surprise!

Chin Chin just learned from his mother that he is going to be a big brother to a new baby Panda. Momma explained that his brother was growing in her tummy and will soon be arriving to meet Chin. Chin Chin is now 5 years old and

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Why Interactive Learning is More Effective

Interactive learning is more effective because you’re having so much fun playing with the application you don’t even realize you’ve just learned something.  In order to learn something and retain it, the information needs to be delivered in a way the audience finds engaging.  That makes sense

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Exploring the Four Stages of Cognitive Development Through Educational Applications for Young Chlden

Child Psychologist Jean Piaget discovered in the early 1900’s that there are different stages of cognitive development in people that change as we get older. Each stage of development has a different focus. In the Sensori-Motor stage, which takes place between birth and the age of 2,

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The Use of Assistive Technology For Aid in Teaching Students With Learning Disabilities

Dyslexia used to be thought of as a single disorder rather than a list of disorders that may or may not be present in the same child. It is used mostly as a blanket term to encompass learning disabilities in the form of writing, reading or spelling.

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