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Benefits of Using Apps to Educate Kids

The usage of technology to aid in children’s education from an early age has become quite common with the advent of mobile apps specifically developed for kids. Learning from a textbook can sometimes become a tad mundane, which is why interactive studies have been devised to sustain the kids’ interest so they can focus without other distractions.

Educational apps provide a good support outside the school curriculum – the child gets to learn and has something fun to look forward to at the same time. These apps have several benefits like:

Constructive use of free time

Children have a tendency to get addicted to watching cartoons, surfing the Internet for a long time, or talking over the phone for hours! Kill two birds with one stone – let your kids enjoy free time but use it creatively. Incorporate some educational apps on mobile phones and encourage them to try those out. Mathematical games, interactive puzzles etc. can actually help to hone their skills.

Systematic approach

Knowledge can’t be imparted in a haphazard manner – learning methods need to be systematic so as to instill a sense of discipline in the child. Be it a subject-specific learning app or storytelling software for kids, most educational apps are equipped with in-built databases for storing completed assignments that can be reviewed later, saving stories, and accessing digital copies of texts and references.

Developing social skills

Critics had speculated that such apps are hampering the social skills of kids, but it is a gross exaggeration. Most apps nowadays can be seamlessly synchronized with social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. These networking platforms aren’t just for uploading pictures or chatting with friends – they can be used to form virtual study circles where kids can interact with friends and share what they are studying. It can help your child to make new friends and become more outgoing.

Performance in classrooms

Educational apps can’t perform miracles such as generating good grades without any effort. However, they can give the kick-start in the right direction. For instance, kids can prepare for daily assignments in school if they are given a topic in advance – they remain updated with the subject by reading up relevant information. Such preparation beforehand plays a huge role in building confidence to do well in studies.

Available everywhere

When you go for vacations, children will never agree to sit down with their books and study buy it is necessary that they don’t forget their assignments. Learning resources like tablets and smartphones are extremely useful during flights and train journeys. You should designate at least an hour of interactive studies to sustain the habit of learning regularly, even if you are on a holiday.

There are several educational apps to choose from such as video-based, text-based, audio narration, multiple-choice, infographics, and many more. Download and watch your kids get excited to try them out!

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