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Bob the Alien and Aria Visit Bob’s Planet

Alien bouncing on his planetBob the alien has come to explore Earth on a trip from his home planet. He met Aria, who has a tree house just like the houses that everyone on his planet lives in. He’s certain that Aria is the leader of his people, and is very excited to go back to his home planet and bring more of his people to meet her.

Aria helps him make a bunch of sandwiches at her house, and then Bob goes back to his space ship. He flew for days and days again, and made it home. He told everyone who would listen about Aria and her tree house on Earth. He told them about the fearsome dinosaurs and the adorable baby ducks and the sweet baby deer drinking at the lake with its mom. He told them about parks covered in grass and giant redwood trees.

So many of his friends wanted to come see Earth and meet Aria, their new leader, that Bob had to borrow a larger space ship! It was so large that that Bob was able to bring all of his friends to Earth. When they arrived, they went straight to Aria’s house to meet her and see her tree house! When Aria came home from school, she was very surprised to find Bob and all of his friends hanging out in her back yard, drinking lemonade.

Everyone rushed to meet Aria. She had never seen so many aliens in one place before! Everyone had already visited her tree house and were very excited to have seen it. It was the aliens tradition to bring gifts to their leader. Aria didn’t recognize most of the things they brought her, like fruits that looked like oranges but were called “umgrafs.” Aria thought that Bob and his friends sometimes used words that sounded funny, but she enjoyed learning them.

When everyone had finished their lemonade, Aria asked them what they liked to do for fun. Bob and his friends showed Aria their favorite game. In Aria’s back yard was a giant Cottonwood tree, and Bob and his friends took turns climbing the tree, to see who could make it to the top the fastest. Bob’s friend Gina made it the fastest! Everyone was laughing and had a great time.

By the time they were done climbing the tree, it was getting late. Aria had to get ready for bed. The aliens were very confused, because they didn’t need sleep. Aria tried to explain to them that humans need to sleep so that their bodies will work right the next day. The aliens decided that they would go explore Earth while Aria was sleeping, and made plans to come visit with her tomorrow after school.

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