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Bob the Alien and his best friend

Funny alien wearing space suitBob the alien and his friend Aria, from Earth, flew from Earth to Bob’s home planet. Aria slept almost the entire trip, and when she woke up, she couldn’t believe her eyes! She had never seen so many trees. Bob had landed his space ship in a clearing, and after Aria woke up, he helped her to the ground.

As they walked among the trees, Aria saw several of the people who had come to visit her on Earth. They all stopped to shake her hand. They were happy that the little girl they considered their leader had come home!

Bob and Aria passed a grocery store, a library, and a school where alien children were learning math. All of these buildings were built into the trees, similar to the tree house in Aria’s back yard. Some of the buildings were so old that the trees had grown around them, making them beautiful parts of the tree itself. Aria wanted to explore.

“We will explore whatever you want soon,” Bob said. “But first, I want to take you to meet my best friend.” Aria followed Bob past several more trees, and a gathering of aliens in a clearing that included playground equipment just like the park near her house.

Bob started walking up a set of stairs that were carved into the side of a tree. He came to a door and started knocking. After what seemed like a very long time, the door was answered by an alien that looked rather like a turtle.

“Aria, this is Eugene, my best friend.”

Aria knelt down and shook Eugene’s hand. Everyone went inside and told stories to each other while they drank something that tasted like Aria’s grandma’s iced tea.

Later, Bob took Aria back to the library, and they walked through the giant building. Just like at home, the library on Bob’s planet had shelves full of books, built into the trunks of several trees. There were chairs and tables, all carved from wood.

It started to get dark, and Bob took Aria to his house. It was small, and had lots of windows and comfortable places to sit. Bob cooked Aria dinner, and then they sat on the porch and watched the sun set over the tops of the trees.

Before long, Aria started getting tired. She got her blanket and stuffed animal, and made herself comfortable on Bob’s porch. It was a fine place to sleep, surrounded by tree leaves and the soft night time sounds. Aria was enjoying her time on Bob’s home planet.

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