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Bob the Alien, Aria, and the Grand Canyon

Bob the alien had been visiting with Aria for a few days when he decided he wanted to visit somewhere new. He seatbelted Aria into the passenger seat in his space ship, and asked her if there was one place she had always wanted to visit. Aria had never been to the Grand Canyon, so she thought it would be a great place to visit.

When Bob and Aria arrived at the Grand Canyon, he was amazed at what he saw. He flew over the Grand Canyon very slowly, and was able to follow the path of the Colorado River for 277 miles! As Bob few his space ship overhead, he and Aria could see that in some places, the Grand Canyon was over a mile deep! Bob landed his space ship near Eagle Point, so that he could take pictures of Eagle Rock. Bob loved exploring the Grand Canyon because in some places there were lots of very old trees!

As they were exploring, Aria told Bob that her parents had taken her hiking in the mountains near Independence Pass in Colorado. There were no trees there because of the high elevation. Bob couldn’t believe that there were no trees, so he and Aria got back into his space ship and flew to Independence Pass. When they landed, Bob was amazed to see the alpine tundra had no trees, just like Aria said.

Bob was kind of sad that there were no trees on the alpine tundra. Aria asked him to take them to the park near her house, where there were trees. She knew they would make Bob feel better. While they were there, Aria taught Bob how to play tag, and they chased each other around the trees and the swings all afternoon.

Bob thanked Aria for showing him all of the beauty of her planet, and asked if there was anything she wanted to see. “Your planet!” answered Aria. Bob was very happy at the thought of showing his home planet to Aria.

They stopped by Aria’s house to pick up some snacks, and then hopped into Bob’s space ship. It would be a long trip back to Bob’s home planet, so Aria had brought her blanket and favorite stuffed animal. She got comfortable in her seat, and fell asleep, anxious to wake up on Bob’s home planet!

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