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Bob the Alien takes Aria home

Jumping cheerful alienAria has been visiting with Bob the alien on his home planet. As they get ready to explore his planet, Aria watches the sunrise from Bob’s front porch. She thinks his planet is just as beautiful as Earth, although she is starting to miss her parents.

Bob tells Aria that he wants to take her to a few special places. The first is the tallest tree on his planet. It takes them about an hour to walk there. As Bob and Aria begin climbing the tree, Aria gets a little scared. Bob holds her hand as they climb higher and higher in the tree. After they’ve been climbing for awhile, Aria asks to take a break.

Bob and Aria sit on a branch and Aria looks down. She can’t see the ground from where they are sitting. She looks up, and she can’t see the sky, either. Bob tells her that they aren’t even halfway up the tree yet. They decide to climb back down, so that Bob can show her more of his planet.

Back safely on the ground, Aria runs around looking at the different types of trees. She sees trees that look like Maples, Oaks, and Cottonwoods back home. Many trees look like Pine trees, and Bob tells her those aren’t used to build buildings in. She finds some fruit trees, and Bob tells her that most of their food comes from these trees. He picks a piece of fruit and hands it to Aria, and she takes a big bite. She’s never tasted anything so good!

Bob brings Aria to the school. They watch as the young aliens learn spelling. Since they speak the same language, Aria was able to spell most of the words that the alien children were learning to spell. She was surprised to find out that alien school was a lot like her school.

Bob and Aria head back to Bob’s space ship. Aria is ready to go home, but she’s also sad to be leaving Bob’s beautiful planet. Eugene is at the space ship to say goodbye to Aria. Aria hugs Eugene and then climbs into the passenger seat. She waves goodbye as Bob takes off.

Aria slept through most of the trip again, and when they landed on Earth, Aria ran to see her parents. They had missed her, too! Bob tells her that he has to go back to his planet, so that he can go to work, but that he and Eugene will come to visit when they can. Aria gives Bob a hug, and he flies home.

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