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Bob the Alien

Cartoon alien with jet backpack

Bob the alien lived on a planet far, far away from Earth. On Bob’s planet, everyone lived in wooden houses built in trees, because the entire planet was covered in trees. One day, Bob decided to take a trip to explore somewhere new. He packed a picnic basket full of sandwiches, and then hopped in his round space ship in took off. He flew for days and days. He was almost out of sandwiches when he found Earth!

Bob loved Earth! While there weren’t as many trees as his home planet, he loved the ones he saw. Pine trees and oak trees, and maples trees that had syrup coming out of them! Bob’s favorite trees were the giant Redwoods he found. While Bob was exploring Earth, he noticed lots of flowers blooming. In a lake, he saw baby ducks, and noticed a baby deer with its mother, taking a drink at the lake. He explored a city, and saw dinosaur bones in a museum. He wasn’t sure what a dinosaur was, but it sounded very scary!

When Bob was in the city, he found a park. Bob loved walking on the grass in the park. There wasn’t much grass on his home planet, because there were so many trees that the sunlight couldn’t reach the ground. While Bob was walking through the park, he met a little girl named Aria. Aria told Bob about some other things he should see, like mountains, and crocodiles, and the Taj Mahal.

Bob had been so excited when he found Earth that he got busy exploring, and forgot that he had eaten his last sandwich right after he landed. Aria heard his stomach growling, and invited him to her house for dinner. When they got to her house, Aria showed him her tree house.

Bob was so excited to see Aria’s tree house! “What a lovely home you have!” Bob said. “That’s not my home, silly!” Aria said. “Then what is it?” Bob asked. Aria explained that a tree house was somewhere that you went to play. “What a fantastic idea! My people would love this! I must bring them here to meet you. They will be so excited that I found someone who enjoys tree houses. Surely, you must be a great leader to be so smart!” Bob said.

Aria tried to tell Bob that she wasn’t a leader. She was only six, how could she be a leader? But Bob wouldn’t believe her. He was sure that his people would want to meet their new leader!

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