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Chin Chin and His Friends

Panda Soft Toys






For Chin Chin the panda, time went so slow!
But his friends came, and Chin Chin said, “Hi Matt, Hi Jo Jo!”

Chin Chin turned to his friends, “What game do you want to play?
And Jo Jo said, “I’ll run after you and you two run away!”

They hadn’t played long,
Before a new plan came along.

Chin Chin’s mom and dad suggested a game of pretend
To save the princess before the end.

Chin Chin and his friends entered the forest of bamboo,
If they got hungry there was plenty for them to chew!

They found the big giant, standing in front of the cave’s gate.
He roared, “No one will pass, for I am great.”

Will the three pandas win?
The giant roared “These pandas are small and thin.”

But the giant standing there became scared,
He couldn’t fight the friendship they shared.

The three pandas proudly entered the cave,
Because they were the most brave.

“My rescuers!” The princess was happy to see the friends,
“Mom!” called Chin Chin, “Princess!” called his friends.

“Lets go mom! I’m hungry.” said Chin Chin.
“Me too!” said his friends, and his mother gave a grin.

Dinner, a feast, was fit for a king,
And so the friends had fun while dining.

Matt, Jo Jo, and Chin Chin were ready to sleep,
And they dreamed of their adventure in the bamboo forest, so deep.


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