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Cindy the Garbage Girl

Cute girl smiling, sketch for your designThere was once a girl named Cindy who refused to throw anything away.  She liked to keep everything. Toys that were broken, puzzles that were missing pieces, and even empty snack wrappers.  Cindy’s mama would always tell her that she needed to clean her room, but Cindy never would, she loved her piles of things. One day Cindy’s mama got fed up with her asking, telling, even begging Cindy to clean her room. She told Cindy that one day her piles of garbage would get the best of her but Cindy didn’t care. She wouldn’t clean her room, no matter what her mama said.

It happened that one day, not long after Mama had told Cindy that her garbage would get her, that Cindy woke up to a room that was dark. She knew it must have been morning because she could hear her alarm clock going off for school. But Cindy couldn’t see it. She couldn’t see anything.  Cindy felt like she was being held down and she started to push. She pushed and pushed and slowly she was able to clear a spot around her head. A tiny shaft of light made it through and that was when she saw that she had been covered by her things. Her beautiful piles of garbage had tumbled in the night.

Cindy didn’t like it. Not one bit. She was getting scared. She didn’t know what to do.

*What do you think Cindy should do



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