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Ellis The Elephant

Animals in the forestThere was once an elephant named Ellis that plays alone. All the other animals in the place where he live don’t want to play with him or even wants him to be their friend. The monkey said, “I don’t want him to be my friend because he can’t even climb a tree.” Then the frog said, “me either! He’s too big, I’m afraid he might step on me when we play”. All the other animals thought the same that’s why Ellis is always alone.

One day while all the other smaller animals play, a bunny suddenly shouted for help because she got stuck on a log while playing. The animals went to her and helped her by pushing the log and pulling the bunny to get loose, but they just can’t do it because they are too small and too weak to move the log.

Ellis the elephant was on his way home when he noticed that the animals were so busy with pushing the log. He then heard the bunny crying and seems to be in pain. Ellis went closer then he saw the stocked bunny. “Can I help?” Ellis asked the animals. Then nobody answered. Everyone just stared at each other and say nothing at all. Ellis decided to move closer and push the log away. The bunny was then free from being stock and she thanks Ellis for rescuing her. All the other animals were so happy and thought that Ellis could be a friend after all.

After a few days, all the other animals went to Ellis’s home and invited him to play with them. They realized that size doesn’t matter when having a friend. They realized that every creature, big or small is important and worthy to be a friend.

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