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Private Ryan’s Day Out

Toy design, childhood and game concept

Private Ryan is the most favorite toy soldier of a boy named Cedric. Anywhere Cedric goes, he takes Private Ryan with him. One day Cedric and his mommy went to the park. Both Cedric and Private Ryan played until Cedric felt so tired and sleepy. The little boy’s mom carried him then he went to sleep with Private Ryan on his right hand.  While Cedric’s mom is walking home, the boy dropped Private Ryan without anyone knowing it.

Suddenly the park sweeper was cleaning the area and he saw a toy soldier left alone on the pathway. He took the toy, put it on his pocket and decided to give it to his grandson. On his way home the park sweeper didn’t know that his pocket has holes in it and Private Ryan fell through those holes. The poor soldier is on the pathway again, but suddenly, a street cat went to him and played with him. Another street cat wanted to take him but the first cat took Private Ryan with its mouth and ran away. The cat went to a waste bin near a house where it lives then continued playing with Private Ryan.

The poor soldier again fell into one of the bins but the cat can no longer reached him. Then the garbage truck arrived and took the bins and poured them into the truck. While the truck is on its way, Private Ryan again went through a little hole and again fell into the streets. A little boy was playing outside his house and saw something that fell from the truck, “It’s like a little man” he thought. The boy approached Ryan and was so happy and surprised. “It’s Private Ryan!” he said. The little Boy was Cedric who accidentally dropped his toy in the park. And the place where Private Ryan fell through the hole of a garbage truck is his home. “You had a great adventure today, hadn’t you?” said Cedric’s mommy. Let’s clean you up.”

It was a really a great adventure, Ryan thought, and the best thing of having an adventure is to find your way home.

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