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Robert’s Magic Slippers

Illustration of a cute little boy above the stump at the forest

Robert and his parents live in a small town where peoples’ main source of living is making slippers. His parents owned a small shop where his father makes slippers and his mother prepares and display them to sell. Robert loves going out alone exploring the woods and rivers near the town all by himself. His mother always tells him to stop going to the woods because there might be wild animals which can harm him. Robert is so hardheaded that even if his parents tell him to stay out of the woods, he still explores the place and went back home so dirty.

One day Robert went out of their home and went to the woods again without his parent’s knowledge. As he was walking alone, he did not notice that he no longer knew where he was. He walked and walked and started to get frightened because it’s already getting dark. While walking, he saw a pair of muddy slippers beside a river and thought that somebody has left them long ago. He cleaned them and noticed that it’s still looks new. He then decided to exchange it with his old slippers and wore them. He continued walking leaving his old slippers behind.

It’s already dark and Robert felt tired and sleepy. He decided to rest under a tree and slowly he went to sleep. In the morning, Robert woke up and was surprised with what he saw. “This is not the woods anymore!” he said. The place is full of candies and chocolate falls and ice cream and all sweet foods a child can imagine. The tree he used to lean to take some rest is now a big cotton candy tree. Robert was so amazed and happy to see everything and ate as much as he wants. While Robert is eating, a very gentle female voice called him and said, “Robert, can you take me off?” Who’s that? Who are you? And where are you?” asked Robert. “look below, you are wearing me, can you take me off now?” said the voice again. Robert looked down and saw his slippers glow. He then wore them out and magically the slippers turned into a young and beautiful lady. “Who are you?” asked the frightened Robert. “I’m Lucy, the magic slipper, I brought you here while you’re sleeping in the woods.” she answered. “What is this place?” asked Robert. Lucy smiled at him saying. “This is the Sweet Land, and this is where I live, and because you wore me and clean me, I brought you here and will live with me forever.” I don’t want to live here forever, what about my family? My mom and dad, I’m sure they are so worried about me, will you please take me home now?” said Robert. “I’m sorry but once you’re in the Sweet Land, there’s no more way for you to return to your home.” Robert cried and begged Lucy to return him to his town, but Lucy has no magical power to do it.

Days past, Robert missed his parents very much. He’s just sitting under the cotton candy tree wishing to see his parents again. He cried and cried until he got so tired and slowly went to sleep. Meanwhile, Robert heard a voice of a lady crying, “Wake up Robert, wake up!” Robert woke up and saw a familiar face of a lady, it’s his mother crying and hugging him so tightly. “Why didn’t you come home? Your father and I were looking for you all night! I was so worried about you my son.” Robert realized that everything about Sweet Land and Lucy the magic slippers were just a dream. “Mother, from now on, I’ll listen to you and obey you” Robert cried. Robert’s mother smiled at him and said, “Let’s get you home son”. Then they went back to the town with Robert realizing all his mistakes and promised to be a better child and a good son. The end.

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