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Rosie the Rhino and Friends

Rosie the RhinoRosie the rhino was a happy rhino. She could play hide and seek and liked to swim with Daisy. She could hop, skip, and jump while her heart went thump thump. One thing that Rosie had never done yet was gone to an amusement park. Christopher was going to an amusement park with his mom and dad so he asked if he could bring Rosie and Daisy. His parents said ok, assuming they were other kids. Christopher’s parents got quite the surprise though when they found out that Rosie was a rhino and daisy was a monkey. They all loaded up in their van, with Rosie in a horse stall hooked to the back. They set out to the amusement park to all have a day of fun.

After what felt like a really long ride, they finally arrived. They all got out, stretched their legs, and they set out to go into the amusement park. They all went in and bought tickets to go on rides. When they got to the bumper cars the ticket guy said “Sorry, the rhino is too big for this ride”. This made Rosie feel sad. She really wanted to ride the ride. So Daisy and Christopher went on the ride themselves. They had fun, but nothing like they would have with Rosie. Then, they all went to a water slide and got in line. Again when they went to give their tickets the guy at the booth said “Sorry you’re too big for this ride”. There had to be a ride or somewhere Rosie could go. She was getting really warm. They had a swimming pool. So she went and jumped in the swimming pool. Nobody told her she was too big for the pool and nobody even cared she even got in it. It was actually quite funny to have a rhino swimming with all the other people. Everyone enjoyed Rosies company.

After they got done riding rides and swimming they all had something to eat. Rosie had some fried dough and cotton candy. She had never had it before, but she loved the taste of it. Daisy had a fried banana and a banana split without the chocolate. Christopher had a hamburger and fries and he ate it really quick. After they got done eating they decided to try a few more places they hadn’t tried they were sure Rosie could go. They decided to go to the fun house and the haunted house. At the fun house they all went through and when they got to the house of mirrors they looked at each other and they looked pretty funny. When they got to the haunted house they weren’t sure what to expect. They had to walk through the house and things would pop out from every dark corner. Rosie wasn’t sure if she was going to like that. When they went through one door a guy that looked like a vampire jumped out and scared them. As they walked on and went through another door a guy dressed in a mummy suit tapped them on the shoulder. After a whole bunch of scares and some laughs too they made it through and Rosie had fun.

They all headed home and Christopher, Rosie, and Daisy fell asleep. It was a long day for the three of them. Rosie was glad she had friends like Christopher and Daisy. She wondered what it would be like to have a sleepover with them. She knew she would have to ask them when they got home. Right now it would be better that they all sleep.

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