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Rosie the Rhino in the Jungle

Rosie the RhinoOnce there was a rhino named Rosie. She was a black rhino and she was a very happy rhino. She liked to run through the jungle and she liked to swim in the river. One day she was out in the jungle looking for food and she met a proboscis monkey named Daisy. She was trying to get food back to her monkeys friends. They were across the river and she needed help getting across. She asked Rosie to get her across because she was afraid the alligators would try to eat her. Rosie said she would help her get across if she would get the juicy green leaves from the top of the tree when they got across the river. Daisy agreed to climb the trees and get the juicy leaves.

So Rosie helped Daisy get across the river to her monkey friends. Daisy climbed the trees and she got a really big pile of leaves for Rosie. Daisy asked Rosie to stay on that side of the river and spend time with her and her friends. She told her about a little boy who comes to visit them. The little boys name was Christopher and he liked to play hide and seek with all the animals. Christopher lived in the jungle with his mom and dad, who were researching the animals. Christopher loved to play in the jungle. He played hide and seek with the animals and they told him he was it. He counted to twenty and he went to look for them. At first, he had trouble finding them but he spotted Rosie’s horn poking outside of the bushes. He couldn’t see anyone else at first until all the others started running to the big rock. He tagged Rosie. “You’re it” Christopher said. Rosie didn’t mind, she wanted to be it.

She counted to twenty and she went searching for everyone. She looked up in the tree and she spotted Daisy. She looked behind another tree and seen Christopher. She seen some of the other animals in various other places. She yelled “olly olly ox and free” and they all started running towards the boulder and she caught Daisy. After playing a little while longer they all got bored with the game and they stopped playing. They decided to play dodgeball.

Rosie was good at dodgeball as long as she didn’t hit the ball with her horn. If she did she would pop the ball. After playing dodge ball they decided it was getting dark and Rosie decided it was time to go home. She still had to cross the river. She got in the water and she slowly swam across the river. The water was nice and cool and there was no signs of alligators. She finally got across and she went to her small cave that she lived in. Rosie laid down and looked at the stars and the bright moon. She fell fast asleep as the world around her slept too. Tomorrow would be a new day and new adventures would await.

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