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Terry Turtle and Friends

Sad Turtle.Robie Rabbit, Freddy Fox, Marlon Monkey and Terry Turtle are very good friends. They always play together and their favorite place to have fun is on the top of the hill near the village. One day, Freddy fox went to each of his friends’ house and invited them to play at the top of the hill. Everyone agreed and was so happy and excited for another day of playing and fun.

“Let’s race!” said Marlon monkey excitedly. “Sure! The last one to reach the top will be called rusty legs!” Freddy fox answered. “Ready everyone!” said Robie rabbit, “the race starts Now!” he continued.

Everyone were doing their best to run as fast as they could, but Terry turtle is naturally slow and he knew he will never win this race. Everyone already reached the top but Terry turtle. When Terry turtle reached them, he was so tired and losing his air “I wasn’t ready!” Terry turtle protested. “You’re last Terry!” Robie said, “Then you’re the rusty legs! Rusty legs! Rusty legs!” everyone teased Terry turtle and laugh at him.

Terry felt so bad and he decided to go home. Everyone was busy playing without realizing that Terry turtle wasn’t with them anymore. “Where’s Terry?” asked Marlon. “Maybe he left because he felt bad about being the rusty legs.” Freddy said. “What should we do?” he added. “Let’s find him and apologize, mother said that when I made someone unhappy, I should go to him and apologize” said Robie rabbit.

Everyone went back to the village trying to find Terry. After a while, they saw him looking so sad and approached him. “Hi Terry” said Marlon monkey. “You’re in the wrong place, this is the Rusty Legs sections”. Terry said sadly. “Don’t say that! We didn’t mean to make you mad. We’re so sorry.” Robie rabbit told him. “From now on, no more racing, will that make you fine?” Freddy fox said. “You always race, without racing, playing will never be fun again” said Terry. “I know!” Marlon monkey said excitedly. Then he added, “I have a wagon in our house, every time we go to the hill, Terry will ride the wagon and the three of us will pull it like mighty horses”. “That’s a great idea!” said everyone. Terry felt so happy that he still can be fast even if he’s naturally slow. “Friends again?” Robie asked Terry. Then Terry answered, “We will always be friends.”

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