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The Eagle and The Duck family

Nature landscape with ducks in the lakeMother duck, father duck and the 4 ducklings went over the pond one day. They were swimming and playing and were so happy together. Suddenly, one duckling heard and squishing sound coming from a bush not far from their spot. The little duck went to the bush and tried to investigate on what’s making the squishing sound. The little duck was so scared and shouted so loud when it saw a huge eagle hiding in the bush. “Mom! Dad!” the duck shouted. All the members of the family went to the bush and they saw an eagle that is in pain. “The eagle was so fierce and doesn’t even want the ducks to see him. “Go away” the Eagle said. “You are in pain my friend” Father duck said. “Let us help you” said mother duck. “How can you help me? You’re just another little helpless creatures living in ponds” said the angry eagle. “We can take the bullet from those legs of yours, and then we can put some bandages around. You were shot by a hunter and fell near our pond, it will be our honor to help you” said father duck.

The Eagle closed its eyes and laid down slowly calming himself. Then, mother duck and the little ducklings picked some leaves and strings to use as bandage for the injured Eagle. Father duck and mother duck took the bullet out of the eagle’s leg and placed a bandage around. They fed him, took good care of him and kept him warm. After a few days, the eagle is ready to go and fly. “It’s time for me to go home” the eagle said. Without saying thanks the eagle flew away. “He did not say thanks” said one little duck. “It’s ok my son, I know in his heart he’s thankful” said mother duck.

Few weeks later the duck family went over the pond, swims, play and was so happy together. Suddenly, a snake was sneaking around to find some food, and then the snake saw the ducks. The ducks didn’t even felt that the snake is already close to one little duck, opened his mouth, ready to swallow. Little did he know, the huge fierce eagle grabbed the snake, flew so high and dropped the snake to the ground dead. The duck family thanked the eagle and said “You saved our lives! You saved my son’s life! Thank you very much”. “It’s my way of giving thanks for saving my life when I almost die in pain, from this time on, I will protect you and watch over your whole family” said the eagle. The eagle spread its huge wonderful wings and started to fly. “What’s your name?” one little duck asked. “Valiant” answered the eagle then flew away.

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