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The Humble Rose

Red rose Inside a forest are tall trees and plenty of other plants including different flowers. On the first day of spring, a red rose grew. It bloomed and become the most beautiful of all.

The trees around looked at her and said, “you are so beautiful, everyone admires you.” she looked at the trees and just smiled at them. Another tree again praised her and said. “What stunning rose you are! You must be the prettiest in the world” again the rose looked at the tree and just smile. All the trees and other plants near the rose praised her and envy her beauty. “I am the tallest tree in the forest but I don’t have that beauty.” said another tree.

Weeks past, the beautiful rose starts to wither. Just like any other flowers, her beauty starts to fade and eventually died. All the trees and other plants felt sad about it, but some trees especially those who always praise her said cruel things. “I thought that beauty is forever, only few weeks has passed and that little rose has lost everything, what a pity” one tree said. Then another tree continue saying “I may not be the most beautiful but I don’t die that fast, It’s better to be like me than her.” “I may not be the most beautiful but I’m the tallest. I can see everything in this forest.” another tree said. “Now that she’s gone, I am again the most beautiful plant of all” a young tree uttered..

The bushes, and other little plants were sad about what the trees said against the rose, they felt mad and wanted to defend her but they don’t have any courage because they’re afraid that the trees might get mad and step on them.

Another year has passed and a little rose bud starts to grow and became the most beautiful plant again. The bushes and another little plants were so amazed and happy. “She’s alive! She’s back!” said a bush. Everyone was surprised of what they saw. The trees looked at her and was so astonished and said nothing at all. Then the little rose started to talk. “I live, I grow and I die, that’s my nature. I gain beauty, I wither in few weeks then lost my life, that’s how I am just like all the creatures in the world. I lose my life and I still keep on living again and have everything again, that’s what I call real beauty. Being humble is real beauty, being nice to others is real beauty, and keeping on living and standing up despite the world’s judgement is what’s the most beautiful of all.”

All the trees who said cruel things about the rose while she’s gone felt so ashamed. They realized that real beauty is not what they see that is beautiful. It’s the character they must have, it’s being humble and being nice to others.

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