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The Little House in the Forest

Little house in the forestKim and Tommy are 9 year old twin brothers who love adventure. One day, they went to a forest and play. They run and jump through logs until they saw a little house. Tommy went inside the house while Kim was hesitating to do so. “Come on Kim!” said Tommy, “Slowly tom, someone’s might be inside!” Kim said. Then both of them went inside slowly.

When they got inside the little house, they saw a bowl of hot porridge on the table. Tommy got hungry and ate the porridge. “Here, I left you some. Go on Kim, I know you’re hungry too.” said Tommy. Kim ate what was left and they both felt a bit satisfied. Moments later, they began to feel something different. Then suddenly they began to shrink and became 2 inches short. A bear entered the little house and was angry and shouted “Who ate my porridge!?”  Kim and Tommy were so scared thinking that the bear will eat them so they hid behind jars.

The bear tried to seek for whoever ate his porridge. After a moment, Kim did not realize that the jar where he is hiding is a jar of powdered pepper. He sneezed so the bear saw where he was. The bear caught Kim and because Tommy wants to save his twin brother, he attacked the bear with a fork. But the bear also caught Tommy. The twins were shouting for help because the bear was holding both of them and like he’s going to eat them.

“So, there were two of you” said the bear. “You both should have not eaten my magic porridge. It’s magic and whoever ate it will shrink forever. Only I is allowed to eat the porridge.” The bear was talking in low tone of voice and again said “Here, eat this magic pear, it will let grow into your own original size”. Kim and Tommy were relieved and ate the magic pear and began to grow back to their own sizes. “Go home now you too, and remember, never take things which do not belong to you.”

The twin went home safely realizing their mistakes and promised themselves not to do it again. The end

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