Educational Fun For Kids

Card Games

card-gameLearning activities for kids are a great way to keep your little ones occupied, and build some tremendous memories between you and your children. It’s a great way to balance their educational needs with special one-on-one time, and that’s so important in today’s rushed lifestyle!

Sometimes, it can be a challenge to come up with ideas to keep preschool kids entertained. One of the easiest ways to help your kids get some valuable learning time in is with card games. You don’t even need to buy fancy games or flash cards. A regular deck of playing cards can do a lot to build number recognition for younger kids, and early math skills for pre-schoolers or kindergarteners.

You can use playing cards like flash cards for preschool learning activities. Simply hold up the card and ask your child to identify the numbers. If they aren’t quite to that stage of development, you can use the hearts, diamonds, spades or clubs on the cards can be used for counting prompts. Smaller children enjoying lap time can be taught to count the suits.

For kids who are beginning to understand addition, playing cards can be used to model lower-value addition problems. Again, children can use the suits on the cards to count when they’re adding 2+3 if they’re not quite ready to add without help. This is an essential math skill, and early mastery of these preschool learning activities will help your little ones do better throughout elementary school.

Children who will be entering kindergarten soon can also play matching games with you such as Go Fish, or you can lay the cards out, face down, in a grid pattern, for a game of memory, matching color/number sets instead of suits.

Using playing cards is a fast and easy way for you and your kids to spend some time together while you make sure that you’re getting some active learning time in! There’s no need to spend money on expensive preschool learning activities. You just need a deck of regular playing cards, and a few minutes of one-on-one time with your kid!

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