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How to Create a Sorting Table for Fun and Imaginative Play

A sorting table allows you to take a group of objects and let your preschooler sort them according to size, shape or color. This learning activity is great for learning colors and shapes, and fine motor skills. Later, a sorting table can help with counting and other math activities.

To begin, you’ll need a table. Many parents will set up a sorting table on the dining room or kitchen table, and then store it out of the way when the table is needed for meal times. Other families may find it easier to set up a TV tray or a portable kids table when they’re ready to use the sorting table. There is no right or wrong way.

You’ll also need some plastic shoe boxes. You can pick those up at Walmart or Target. When you’re not using them, they can be used to store the items that are being sorted. When you’re ready to work with the sorting table, just take the lids off the shoe boxes, and give the kids the items that you want them to sort. You’ll explain to them how you want them sorted, and can help them as they go along. We’ve included a list of ideas here:

Buttons can be sorted by size, shape and color

A basic set of blocks that are painted multiple colors

Silverware (plus, you already have it, so you won’t need to rush out and buy any!)

Legos can be sorted by brick count and color

Older preschoolers can sort letter blocks into categories like vowels and consonants

Types of grasses or leaves can be sorted after a nature walk

Yarn can be cut into various lengths and then sorted by length and color

For school aged kids, sort Halloween candy by type and then do a graph showing what they got the most of

Children can sort different counts of beads into different containers to learn color differences and find motor skills

A sorting table is an educational learning activity that is great for parents to do with their children. It makes it easy for kids to learn a variety of skills that will benefit them throughout their school career. While it does take up a good bit of space, clean up is easy!


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