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Indoor Camping

Tent Set Up


Did you ever think of doing an indoor camping for your kids and their friends during sleep over? Well, instead of camping outside where it’s not 100% safe, why not tell your kids to make a camping site inside your house?

If you have mini tents, then that’s perfect. But if you don’t, just use your big blankets and some branches and strings.

Make an Indian tent by making a standing triangle using the branches. If there are no branches available, you can use strings and tie them on furniture or ceiling. Anyway you can think of just to build those tents for your kids and their visitors.

You can also let your kids and their friends to help you build their tents so they will experience and learn how real camping is done at camping sites (helping each other build a shelter).

What about S’mores? The only way that you can make s’mores is to take the kids outside. Just make sure that you or another adult is with them for safety measures. After making s’mores outside, take the kids back to the camping site.

And to make the area look like a real camping site, you can turn off the light and use camping lamps or a flashlight.

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