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Matching Mini Cars

parking lot concept


This next activity is for little man who owns lots of little cars in his toy room. This is perfect for toddlers who started learning numbers and colors.

If your son has plenty of mini trucks or cars, this activity is perfect for him. The activity will not only entertain your bored little one, but also will encourage him to learn numbers and colors as well.

What you need to have:


  • Mini trucks or cars (match box cars are perfect)
  • 1×1 inch colored sticky papers
  • Marker
  • Big Pizza box


What you need to do:


You first need to cut your sticky papers to 1×1 in size. Mark each colored sticky papers with a number.  Stick each of them to one mini car (each car should have one sticky paper with a particular number in it).  In a pizza box, draw lines that illustrate a parking lot in each side. Mark every parking space with a number matching the mini cars’ number. Also place same sticky colored paper matching the cars.


Fun Time!

Ask your little man to park the cars to their designated parking space matching their particular colors and numbers. If your son doesn’t know how to identify colors, then this is a fun way of teaching them.




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