Educational Fun For Kids

Math-Based Art

Collection number for kids: farm animals - number 2, dogsSome people are overwhelmed at the thought of developing learning activities for kids. However, there are lots of activities that you can do together with your kids to build not only their skills, but also the bond between the two of you.

Math-based art is an excellent example of a learning activity for kids that is fun and can result in some very unique expressions. Of course, we have the basics, where you draw large numbers on a piece of paper for your children to either color or trace, depending on their age and developmental level. Older children who are working on fine motor skills development can be helped to cut out the number shapes with safety scissors and a bit of help from mom or dad

With older kids, there are many learning activities with math as the basis. Drawing shapes like cubes or cones helps children visualize the principles as well as begin to understand spatial differences. Constructing cubes with popsicle sticks or Jenga-type game pieces is a great learning activity for older kids. Entire cubes can be built with popsicle sticks and glue, leading to creating buildings or entire towns. To keep the math tie in, parents can help their children learn to measure the different buildings, so that masterpieces of specific sizes or ratios can be built. The skills developed with this kind of play aren’t limited to math. If you and your child paint the buildings, you can talk about the color wheel. Older children could use the creations to build historical models, too!

Even pre-school children can learn to understand the values of coins. Begin with sorting by type, and then start addressing concepts such as five pennies equals one nickel. These concepts are much easier for older children to master, but if a child goes into kindergarten with this knowledge, then they are ahead of the game. Playing “store” gives older children an opportunity to understand true values, and, if they’re developmentally ready, explore concepts like making change. To continue with the math art theme, build towers using quarters as bases and graduating up to pennies as the towers grow taller.

As children get older, the opportunities to have these kinds of moments get less and less. While it’s great to spend some active learning time with your children, the true benefit is the time that you get to spend together, sharing laughter and a great time.

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