Educational Fun For Kids

Plant Pot Painting


If you need something to do on a hot summer day for your kids but haven’t got time to take them to the beach or park to play with their other friends, here’s one activity that your kids will really enjoy. It’s the popular “plant pot painting.”

Your kids will surely have fun making art through painting designs but what’s really fun to do is when they have their friends with them to compete.

What you need:

-provide paints of different colors

-provide plenty paint brushes (you need plenty because you don’t know how many friends your kids will invite for the competition)

-plant pots of at least small sizes or whatever size you wish the children will use.

-your kids friends



You only have to tell the children to do their best while painting designs on their pots and provide prices for the winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd price) and consolation prices for the rest.

Now your home will become a day care center for a day. Good luck!!

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