Educational Fun For Kids

Play Dough Surprise

Preschool learning and education

Kids love playing with play dough especially when they have collections of different colors. There are so many things that we can do with play dough like making shapes, mini characters, different animals and many more. Play dough is not only fun for kids, they are educational too.

With “Play Dough Surprise”, you too can make playing fun for kids and educational too. Here’s what you need:


  1. Play dough of different colors
  2. Little toys your kids already have
  3. or new mini toys for your kids to be more surprise (optional)


Playing method:

You need to secretly wrap your child’s mini toys or the new toy you just bought to surprise your child.

Wrap all the toys one by one with one color for each toy.

Make different shapes out of play dough with a toy inside.

Show them to your child and let him or her open it by first identifying the color and the shape of the dough. (If your child doesn’t know how to identify colors and shapes, this is one of the best educational activities for him or her.)

As soon as your child identifies the color and the shape, then it’s time to let him open the dough and let them be surprise for whatever is inside.

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