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Talk Like A Pirate? No, Talk Like a Pilgrim!

Thanksgiving Day Pilgrim CoupleWith Thanksgiving coming, you may be looking for some educational activities for kids that revolve around the holiday. Talk Like a Pilgrim is a great way for even preschoolers to see how our language has evolved over the last five hundred years. This preschool learning game for kids is great for most ages-even older kids with a good sense of humor can have fun with it. Here’s a list of phrases, with today’s more modern counterparts listed beside them!

  • Cat- Mouser
  • Pants – Breeches
  • Goodbye – Pray Remember Me
  • Bye – Fare the well
  • Congratulations – Huzzah
  • Hello – What Cheer
  • Bowling – Ninepin
  • Doll – Poppet
  • Good morning – Good morrow

You can turn this into a learning game in various ways. Have a few practice runs, and then let your child run through all the phrases at some point a couple of days later. If he or she remembers them all, then she’s a winner. For older children, it can be turned into a lesson on the evolution of language. If you’re in need of other texts for reference for older children, The Book of Common Prayer was written fifty years before the first Thanksgiving, the King James Version of the bible was completed ten years before the first Thanksgiving, and Paradise Lost was written about forty-five years after the first Thanksgiving.

For preschoolers, making a poppet is a simple way to turn this educational activity into a fun project. Most dolls from the 17th century were just fabric and a bit of stuffing, usually put together with a simple stitch or even tied with yarn. Faces were generally drawn on with ink.

Another project might involve having older children research the origins of these and many of the common words we use today. This can be turned into a competition among older kids and a great opportunity to engage them in an educational learning environment!

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