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The Alphabet Hunt

Plastic Alphabets

Everyone is familiar with the game treasure hunt, but this time, instead of hunting stuffs and treasures, why not make it alphabet hunt? This activity is basically for toddlers who’s just starting to learn the alphabet. This activity is perfect for learning numbers too.


What you need:


  1. You can just make some alphabets with cardboards. If you have ref magnets that are alphabets, then that also can be used. Or, if your kid already has plastic alphabets or blocks which you purchased already, then that would be perfect. Any stuffs that has alphabets will be useful.
  2. Prices for each alphabet your kid will find. Positive reinforcement like giving a price is really effective in order for a child to participate with the activity and do his/her best.


How to do it:


Just hide those alphabets anywhere in the house. To make it more educational for a toddler, make some words that starts with each letter your child needs to find. Give your kid a word then ask the kid what’s the first letter of that particular word. If the kid knows the answer then he/she is ready to find the letter, if the toddler doesn’t know the answer, then you should answer it for him/her, that way, the kid will remember the word and learn the letter. If the kid can’t identify letters yet, then you should show him/her the same letter your kid should find.

Give a price for each correct letters. You can give chocolates or gummy bears or anything your kid love for a price.

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