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The Drawing Box


Cardboard Box Thumb up Hand Finger Gesture Yellow Cartoon


Are your walls full of colored lines, shapes, letters, numbers etc.? I suppose these colored stuffs are not what you want for your wall as your decoration or your wall paper designs. Your kids did that right? Off course I’m right! Our kids love to draw everything in our beautiful painted walls or wall papers, they really can’t resist doing that especially toddlers who just started to realize that walls are perfect canvas for their masterpiece.

Stop worrying parents! Because I have a solution that is not only effective, but also a fun activity for kids. It is called “The Drawing Box” and here’s what you just need.

  1. Big shipping box, enough to let your child sit or lay on his tummy.
  2. Colored pencils or crayons or coloring pen or even paint and a paintbrush. Any coloring materials your child has will do.

And that’s all you need!

Now, place all your child’s coloring materials inside the big shipping box and your child as well.

Viola! Your toddler is now making his masterpiece on the wall of the box instead of your charming walls.


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