Educational Fun For Kids

The Letter Tag Game

Children playing Tag

If you want to teach your kids about letters and words, this letter tag game is a right educational activity.

All you need are your kids and letters in your mind.

Just like the common tag game, someone has to be “it”, or you can be a participant by being the first “it”. The kids must run around the backyard and the “it” will tag them. To make make the game fun and educational, the kids must protect themselves from being the “it” by mentioning a word that starts with a special letter.

You must choose a special letter first before starting the game. If the “it” chases someone then the one being chased should say the word (if the special letter is letter A, then the word should also start with letter A) The word should be mentioned immediately before he/she is tagged. If the kid won’t say a word, or was tagged before saying a word, then he/she should be the next “it”.

If there’s already a next “it”, then another special letter should be picked.

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