Educational Fun For Kids

Treasure Hunt

When you are looking for something new to do, when the kids are tired of doing the same old thing, why not try a new outdoor activity? How about a treasure hunt with a twist? The only things you will need for this outside activity are a creative mind or two and some index cards.

This is an easy treasure hunt to do, fun but with an easy goal. See who can find the answers from a set of clues! An adult thinks of some clues and corresponding answers, then putting the answers on the index cards, they hide them throughout the yard. The clues and answers could be anything. You could use math questions, animal facts, or history lessons from school.  Once all the answers are hidden, then the kids get their first clue or set of clues. If there is a large group of kids, you could set them up in teams and make it a competition.

When the first answer is found, then they get a second set of clues, and so on. Once all the index cards with answers are found then it’s time to celebrate. Maybe a popsicle on a warm day? Or a cup of cocoa on a cold one.

This outside activity is sure to keep your kid’s brains sharp while having fun.

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