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Kids Memory Match

Learn to match Shapes, Letters, Animals and more with Kids Memory Match. Your child will learn how to recognize different types of items like animals, dinosaurs and letters while training their memory in a fun and colorful memory matching game. Kids Memory Match is great for preschoolers and up.

Kids Memory Match is packed with colorful 2D cartoon graphics for your little one to match. Match animals like Tigers, Panda Bears, Penguins, Lions, Zebras, Kangaroos, Monkeys and many more or choose to match dinosaurs, letters, objects and shapes. Each category is filled with colorful and bright cartoon cards to match. The fun sound effects add to the playful and entertaining environment. With its simple tap mechanics, Kids Memory Match can be learned and played in no time. The controls are kids safe and allow your child to tap on their selected card with ease.

Playing Kids Memory Match is simple. Just choose from one of the 5 fun categories. Pick a card and try to match the presented card with another card of the same kind by turning over another selection.

• Simple and fun to play memory matching game for preschoolers and up
• Easy to learn controls
• Fun sound effects
• Bright and colorful cartoon graphics
• 5 fun categories to choose from (Animals, Dinosaurs, Letters, Objects and Shapes)
• Great for memory training and object recognition

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