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Number Trace with Numbers, Addition, Subtraction with Writing Guides

Are your kids just starting to learn their numbers? Are they learning basic math in pre-k? Do you want to give your child a head start in his/her education? Or, perhaps your child is just curious and eager to learn more about numbers. This number-tracing game is the perfect tool to kick-start and supplement your child’s education in a fun, game-like way.

Developed with toddler/pre-k/preschool aged children in mind, this number tracing game will be sure to help your little ones in learning their numbers. With built-in trace guides, children are first shown a number, and then watch as an animation shows them how to trace it step-by-step. The children then follow along with the animation by tracing the number themselves. This will not only help kids develop their skills in writing numbers the correct way, but it will also help them learn how to identify each one. When the number is traced correctly (be sure to stay in the lines!), children are rewarded with special animations for encouragement!

Step it up a notch by having your child try the addition and subtraction levels. While learning some basic math skills, you will also be encouraging your child to continue practicing his/her numbers. Along with the numbers (6+1=7), your child will also see a visual representation of the numbers, such as seven starfish. This allows children to use their counting skills to aid in solving the math problem. The repetition of these exercises lets children become familiar and comfortable with both counting and the use of numbers in simple addition and subtraction.

You can track your child’s progress in the app by seeing the percentage that s/he has successfully completed. Your child can stay motivated by seeing all of the badges earned while progressing through the game!

This app teaches your kids how to write numbers the correct way, and encourages learning in a fun, motivational setting. Used in the right way, Number Trace can boost your child’s knowledge and confidence, get them used to seeing and working with numbers, and give them an advantage in school. With fun, colorful animations and an easy-to-use set up, this is one of those apps that every parent should have for their little ones!

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